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I Tre Chef will bring stars to the table

From an insight of Walter Ferretto, Fulvio Siccardi and Diego Pattarino an innovative project that aims to bring high-end pasta to the Ho.Re.Ca. sector was born. In their creative laboratory in Isola d’Asti, I Tre Chef will prepare fresh traditional Italian pasta using selected ingredients. Agnolotti, tortellini, ravioli and tagliatelle are only just some of the fresh pastas prepared using the exclusive recipes of I Tre Chef inspired by the Piedmont cuisine and reinterpreted in a modern key.

Quality you
can touch with your hand

The project responds to the new and increasingly felt need of businesses in the trade to raise the level of their product range by offering a selection of artisanal pastas to meet the most demanding and quality-conscious consumers.
The search for the best local raw materials, selection of ingredients and attention to detail provide an added value. Love for good food, passion and high level experience all join together to offer a product-icon of Italian excellence recognised around the world.

Raw materials are transformed into art to be tasted.

With their recipes, I Tre Chef will offer new flavour combinations. Tradition meets the future, without losing the authenticity and genuineness of the flavours of the past.
The artisanal workshop becomes the ideal place for experimenting with and finding new expressive solutions. Water, flour and eggs are the basic ingredients, and art, creativity and innovation are the tools used to shape ideas to bring to the table a new high-end pasta: authentic, original, innovative.

Our Specialities

Award-winning chef who enchants his guests with traditional dishes of the Piedmont cuisine and who has made Il CascinaleNuovo in Isola d’Asti a destination for international gourmands. His signature dish? Puff pastry with tongue and foie gras, an undisputed masterpiece both to see and eat.
Professional chef who specialises in Piedmont cuisine, who with his dishes has had tremendous success in Italy and abroad. Creator of Planet Food, the innovative catering service with a chef at home for dinners, receptions, banquets and major events.
An award-winning chef specialised in food design and experimenting with sensory cuisine that re-introduces the historic dishes of Italian tradition by interpreting them in an innovative way. An example? The now famous Uovo in gabbia (Egg in a cage), evolution of the traditional egg in a cocotte with truffles.

Professional service

I Tre Chef will offer a high-end catering service to make every occasion unique and special, including public events, private parties and official celebrations.
The menu is tailored to the customer’s needs. The undisputed protagonist is pasta in its various forms, and much more. The recipes of I Tre Chef enrich every menu, making each dish a work of art to enjoy with the eyes and the palate.